Voyager 2 spacecraft shows signs of a “heartbeat”. This was reported by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, writes The Verge.

“The Deep Space Network has picked up a carrier signal from @NASAVoyager 2 during its regular scan of the sky. A bit like hearing spacecraft’s “heartbeat”, it confirms the spacecraft is still broadcasting, which engineers expected”, says in the message.

In July 2023, contact with the probe was lost. This happened after the probe received a series of scheduled commands on July 21 to move the antenna 2 degrees from Earth. According to the expectations of specialists, the spacecraft will reorient itself and restore communication in October.

It was previously reported that the scientific instruments of the Voyager 2 spacecraft will work longer than expected. Due to the gradual loss of energy supply, scientists planned to turn off one of the five scientific instruments of the device that already explores interstellar space this year.

Nonetheless, redirecting the small amounts of energy reserved as part of the on-board safety mechanism will avoid this. Now all scientific instruments of “Voyager-2” will work until 2026.