Microsoft continues to actively improve support for high-refresh-rate displays in its Windows 11 operating system, aiming to provide a smoother and more energy-efficient experience for users with high-refresh-rate and variable-rate (VRR) displays.

The latest pre-build of Windows 11 from the Canary Channel includes two significant changes: support for multiple screens with a high refresh rate and energy consumption optimization.

1. Support for multiple screens with a high refresh rate:

– Target Audience: This enhancement is specifically designed for users with two or more displays with a high refresh rate.

– Functionality: Allows Windows 11 to adjust the refresh rate for certain content on each monitor independently. For example, a user can set a higher refresh rate on a monitor that displays a game and a lower refresh rate on another monitor that displays video or still images.

– Use Cases: This feature will be especially useful for gamers who connect their gaming laptops to external displays, providing more options for customizing the display.

2.Optimization of energy consumption:

– Target audience: Users of tablets or laptops connected to monitors with a high refresh rate.

– Functionality: According to the build notes for version 25915, devices with dynamic refresh rate (DRR) support will automatically reduce the screen refresh rate to save power in battery saver mode.

– Requirements: This option requires dynamic refresh rate support, a feature that adjusts the refresh rate on the fly based on the content being displayed. This feature is not limited to high refresh rate monitors.

In addition to the aforementioned optimizations, Microsoft has also implemented other improvements related to the performance of screens, such as adaptive control of content brightness for laptops and 2-in-1 devices. This feature allows the operating system to dim or brighten different areas of the display depending on the content being viewed.

Users can configure this feature by going to Settings > System > Screen > Brightness and color.

These enhancements reflect Microsoft’s commitment to improving the experience for users of high-refresh-rate displays, including gamers and professionals who use multiple monitors.