Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite Internet technology plays an important role in military decision-making in Ukraine in the face of the russian invasion. However, Ukrainian officials are increasingly concerned about the country’s dependence on the service and Musk’s authority to control access to it. This is reported by CircleID with a reference to The New York Times.

The technology provides high-speed Internet even to the most remote corners of the world, including war zones and areas affected by natural disasters. Starlink’s ubiquity is due in part to the frequency of SpaceX launches and the fact that more than 4,500 Starlink satellites are currently in orbit.

However, Musk’s near-total control over satellite internet and his unpredictable behavior are causing concern around the world. He can shut down Starlink services for any customer or country, a privilege it has repeatedly exercised in Ukraine during the ongoing war, and it raises security concerns.

Fears have grown because no government or company can match Starlink’s capabilities. The US Department of Defense and other countries’ armed forces rely heavily on Starlink, while other potential satellite Internet providers cannot match its capabilities. Musk’s loyalties and the information Starlink could potentially gather further fueled fears.

Ukrainian government officials are exploring alternatives, but admit that none of them can currently compete with Starlink. Several countries have expressed concerns about Musk’s power over technology to US government officials. However, little has been said about it publicly, mainly to avoid the risk of offending Musk.

We will remind you that Starlink satellite internet started working in Ukraine last year. It played an important role in the beginning of a full-scale war in our country, when the russian military focused on destroying communications. Starlink antennas allowed Ukrainian troops to maintain communication.