Noclip Media Studio, which produces documentaries about video games and the entertainment industry, has begun digitizing a large number of videotapes of various video game content from the 1990s and 2000s. Company founder Danny O’Dwyer wrote about it on Twitter.

“A while back, Noclipvideo saved a large collection of lost gaming history. We spent a year expanding this collection and buying capture equipment. I am now logging and digitizing anything with historical value on both The Internet Archive and YouTube,” he wrote.

According to the journalist, it is about thousands of hours of various trailers, interviews and other content about the gaming industry. Obviously, this is one of the largest such collections.

As you know, the Noclip company was founded in 2016. It is funded through voluntary contributions on Patreon. Danny O’Dwyer is an Irish gaming journalist and video producer.

He founded Noclip with the goal of creating a new culture of gaming content consumption through documentaries about how games are made. The project also includes interviews with direct developers of entertainment products.

Among the already digitized tapes is a video of the closed presentation of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic at the E3 2001 exhibition.

A tour of the Infinity Ward office during the development of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

GameCube 2000 technical demo.