Disney has announced the end of DVD and Blu-ray releases in Australia. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 will be the last physical media film to hit Australian shelves. Previously released discs will be available while supplies last. This is reported by News.com.au. The decision affects all Disney film studios, including Marvel and 20th Century Fox.

It would seem that Australia is far from other markets, but experts predict that such a decision could cause a domino effect, with other film companies joining, first in such small markets as Australia, and then around the world.

The decline in the sale of copies of movies and games on physical media has been observed for almost a decade, and recently it has become an avalanche, so it simply does not make sense for large companies to spend time and marketing money to sell entertainment products on discs. In large markets such as the US, Japan or the UK, physical copies are still holding on due to volume and consumer habits, but it is clear that these numbers will continue to fall.

Although companies are still delaying, taking their time to close unprofitable businesses. For example, Netflix will only this spring finally give up DVD rental, which was launched 25 years ago.

Well, most likely, after some time there will be a place for physical copies only in the segment of expensive collector’s editions. An era is coming to an end.

And when was the last time you bought movies on DVD or Blu-ray?