Twice this week, analysts have warned of an increase in the cost of the next iPhone 15 Pro model, which will be presented in the fall. The first warning is about the company “considering raising the price”, but in the second possible prices are given.

It is noted that the top Pro models may become more expensive, when the starting prices of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will remain at last year’s level — $799 and $899, respectively. With “older” models, things can go a little differently.

As described by Barclay analyst Tim Long, the cost of the iPhone 15 Pro this year could start at $1,099, while its larger version, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, will start at $1,199, or even $1,299. Meanwhile, the current models cost $999 and $1,099. in accordance. Thus, Pro versions of smartphones can not only become more expensive, but depending on the size of the device, the difference in cost can also increase.

At the same time, the company’s plans for the calendar year do not foresee changes in the number of devices delivered (85 million), and “steady unit sales combined with a price jump for the Pro models will see overall iPhone revenue increase.”

Such forecasts are usually made by analysts from supply chain insiders. Such information can not only lift the curtain on possible updates, but also hint at the prices of the devices depending on the cost of production. But decisions about final prices still remain at the level of Apple’s top management.

“Also notable is that both reports are vague. Bloomberg states that Apple is merely “considering” a price raise, while Long hedges big-time on the cost of the Pro Max,” highlights Ben Lovejoy of 9to5Mac.

Nor does Mr. Lovejoy rule out the possibility of a $100 price increase, although he emphasizes that a $200 increase in the cost of the top model, which would be $1,799 for one-terabyte version, “might be pushing the envelope, even for Apple.”