Finally we see the Mitsubishi L200 pickup, which was announced in the last six months to a year. The announcements turned out to be quite real: the design of the car with two-story headlights, a rectangular radiator grille and “inflated” wheel arches was already generally known. And what else did we learn about it?

For example, about a significant increase in dimensions. The Mitsubishi L200 pickup has added more than 10 cm in length and wheelbase – now we have 5.36 and 3.13 m, respectively. The car also kept the frame structure and the general scheme of suspensions: an independent one on coil springs in front and a beam axle on leaf springs in the back.

However, the frame structure has increased rigidity (+40% for bending and +65% for torsion), and the suspension has received new mounting elements, which should have a positive effect on increasing wheel travel. In addition, from now on, a new 4N16 diesel engine is installed under the hood of the Mitsubishi L200. It has the previous 2.4-liter working volume and four cylinders, but now there are three power options: 150, 184 or even 204 hp.

Also, the car will offer three interior options – single, one and a half, double. And there will be several options for transmissions: 6-speed manual or automatic, all-wheel drive: the usual Easy Select (hard connection) or the more “advanced” Super Select (permanent connection). Among the technical novelties, the AYC stability control system is offered for a more “advanced” all-wheel drive, the ECO driving mode for the 2H all-wheel drive position has appeared, a modern media system and an instrument panel with a large digital display have been added.

What’s next? To begin with, the launch of Mitsubishi L200 production at the plant in Thailand and the entry into the local market and neighboring regions of Asia, which should take place by the end of this year. The next step will be to expand the geography of sales in other global markets, among which Ukraine should be included – this should take place in 2024.

In addition, sister pickups Renault and Nissan should be out around the same time. Finally, as for the Mitsubishi company itself, usually the appearance of the new L200 pickup paved the way for the launch of the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV. So we are waiting!