Meta’s own version of Twitter, Threads, launched not too long ago, and it was immediately obvious that the social network needed some improvements. One of the biggest requests was the chronological feed of subscriptions, because in its first version it was purely algorithmic and also showed posts from accounts to which the user was not subscribed.

The company’s board responded almost immediately, and in a very free format said that it was working on future improvements. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long for these.

Treads has now added a Following feed option. It really allows you to see the posts of only those accounts to which the user subscribed, even in chronological order. At the same time, the algorithmic option For You also remained. To see the switch between them, you need to tap the Home button on the bottom panel or the Threads logo above the feed.

Threads has already added a chronological feed of subscriptions, but not by default

The Following feed started rolling out to the iOS and Android apps last night and will gradually roll out to all users, if not already.

Unfortunately, inherent Meta solutions were still used with the Following feed, so it is impossible to set it by default. Just like in Instagram, every time the application is opened, the user is shown an algorithmic feed. Therefore, you need to go to its chronological version independently each time, performing a couple of extra taps. The position at which the user stopped last time is also lost.