As part of the rebranding of Twitter to X, the updated platform may receive fintech functions – the ability to perform payments and banking operations. This was reported by Engadget with reference to the CEO of the company Linda Yaccarino.

According to her, such functions can take an important place in the new vision of Elon Musk.

“…we’ll continue to delight our entire community with new experiences in audio, video, messaging, payments, banking – creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities,” she wrote.

Elon Musk actually confirmed such intentions. X will “add end-to-end communications and the ability to manage your entire financial world” in the coming months, he said.

As you know, rumors about Musk’s intentions to implement banking functions in Twitter have been circulating for a long time. For example, the Financial Times reported in January that the billionaire wanted to offer to users “peer-to-peer transactions, savings accounts and debit cards,” as well as additional features for tipping and shopping.

The newspaper also reported that the company had filed for regulatory approval to provide such services in the US, but the executive who oversaw the project resigned in February.

At the same time, Elon Musk talked about his vision to turn Twitter into an “app for everything, similar to WeChat in China.