Meta has announced that it is open-sourcing its LLaMA 2 large language model, making it free for commercial and research use. This is reported by The Verge.

In doing so, the company is keeping pace with OpenAI’s free GPT-4, which underlies tools such as ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing.

The decision to open LLaMA is a way to give companies, startups and researchers access to more AI tools, allowing them to experiment with the community. According to Meta, LLaMa 2 was trained on 40% more data than LLaMa 1.

It is also said that this language model outperforms other LLMs such as Falcon and MPT when it comes to reasoning, coding, proficiency and knowledge tests.

The open source LLaMa 2 will be available through the Microsoft Azure platform. LLaMA will also be available through AWS, Hugging Face and other providers.

“We believe an open approach is the right one for the development of today’s AI models, especially those in the generative space where the technology is rapidly advancing,” Meta said in a statement. “Opening access to today’s AI models means a generation of developers and researchers can stress test them, identifying and solving problems fast, as a community.”

It was previously reported that Meta created the MusicGen model, which with the help of artificial intelligence is able to generate new musical works based on text prompts.