The Ukrainian company MacPaw announces a new cyber security line, Moonlock. Its team will develop effective solutions to strengthen the cybersecurity of Mac users. This was reported by the company’s press service.

The first implemented project was the Moonlock Engine, a new malware detection technology integrated into the CleanMyMac X program. The vulnerability detection module – Threat Destroyer – is now powered by the Moonlock Engine.

Thanks to the changes, the malware scan runs twice as fast and covers additional locations such as external drives, email attachments, archives and browser extensions. In addition, users can now customize the vulnerability scan according to their needs, preferring either the speed or the thoroughness of the scan.

In the future, the Moonlock Engine technology should become an integral component of the Moonlock cybersecurity product.

“According to the Mac Security Survey 2023, approximately 57% of Mac users are unsure whether their operating system macOS there are threats, or convinced that there are no malicious programs at all. Also, every third Mac user believes that their data is not of interest to cybercriminals. However, more than 50% of Mac users have experienced malware, account breaches, and fraud either personally or among acquaintances or colleagues,” MacPaw said.

It was also noted here that the company’s specialists have been turning complex technologies into tools used by more than 30 million users around the world for 15 years.

“Guided by our vision of a world where every person is reliably protected by technology, we will create clear and easy-to-use cyber security products,” said Oleg Stukalenko, Lead Product Manager of Moonlock.

CleanMyMac X with updated Threat Cleaner is now available for download at MacPaw.