Recently, information appeared about a very interesting patent from the Ford company: the illustrations for the invention show a Ford Bronco car with a standing driver. The patent envisages the possibility of driving a Ford Bronco in this position – this can be useful when overcoming difficult off-road or, for example, when maneuvering a trailer. That is, we are talking about situations when you need to look around and the speed will be low.

Control elements will be placed both in the interior and on the exterior parts of the body. Among other things, which is already visible in the images before the patent, you can see two zones in the upper frame of the windshield. Probably, by pressing the right/left sector, it will be possible to turn the Ford Bronco car to the right or to the left.

Of course, the question of driving safety arises. Especially on off-road and with the risk of overturning – because the person is actually outside the body of the car and is not wearing seat belts. Also, if such a system is implemented serially on Ford Bronco cars, it will require a strict speed limit on the part of Ford and a lot of legal restrictions to avoid possible litigation.