Another crossover, another planned update – what could be interesting here? Only the fact they once tried to collect Renault Arkana in Ukraine at ZAZ; however, it did not go beyond the first batch.

They tried to sell cars on the B0 platform (it’s like Logan) in Ukraine, but a similar car is offered in Europe and South Korea on the CMF-B platform. It was this car that underwent the update procedure. However, it was not very large-scale: a new radiator grille and logo, a new ESPRIT ALPINE equipment, a new black decor, new 19-inch wheels – that’s all.

Although a more modern platform provided more “advanced” technology. The Renault Arkana crossover in Europe is offered with a gasoline 1.3-liter “turbo” and a 7-speed transmission and front-wheel drive. Or in the E-Tech hybrid version: a combination of a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine, an electric motor, and a robotic gearbox – in total, all this provides 143 hp. power and the ability to move on an electric drive without connecting an internal combustion engine.

You can monitor the operation of the hybrid on two color displays in the interior. By the way, the Renault Arkana interior has also been updated: new trim options using suede have been added, blue decorative stripes have appeared, and the ESPRIT ALPINE version is distinguished by A-logos on the seats.

The Renault Arkana is manufactured in South Korea, where it is sold under the name Samsung XM3. The start of sales is planned for the beginning of fall, the price is from 31,000 euros. In your opinion, could it have a future at the ZAZ plant and in Ukraine in general?