Meta has officially launched a new social platform Threads, developed by the Instagram team, which will compete directly with Twitter Elon Musk. Mark Zuckerberg has already managed to report that 4 hours after the launch of Threads, it has 5 million registered users. A good warm-up before a possible billionaire duel.

Mark even made his first Twitter post in 11 years. Trolling Musk, of course.

You can now try Threads - a Twitter clone developed by Instagram

However, so far the Meta owner is only gaining popularity on Threads and at the time of publication has over 500 thousand subscribers.

You can now try Threads - a Twitter clone developed by Instagram

Threads owes such a quick start to its affinity with Instagram, which greatly accelerated registration. Essentially, the new app can fully import your account and then invite your Instagram friends to follow it.

In addition, a big advantage of Threads compared to other Twitter competitors from the start was the attention of big brands, whose SMM departments are actively registering and starting to maintain pages in the new social network. This increases user engagement, something that has been sorely lacking in the so far invite-limited Bluesky, the geekier Mastodon, and the journalist-focused Post. Not to mention other alternatives.

So for now, Threads really looks like a more viable alternative to Twitter. Especially since the new application in the future promises to implement full support for the ActivityPub decentralized protocol, which was developed by the W3C consortium. This means that users will be able to fully migrate between social networks (or even to their own server) that support it, taking all their content with them. This could come in handy given the ambiguous Meta moderation policy that extends to Threads as well.

If you still decide to try a new social network, you can enter Threads application on Android and iOS, the platform does not yet have a full-fledged web version, just like Instagram at the beginning.

Currently, Threads offers users the ability to create posts with a length of 500 characters, add photos and videos with a time duration of up to 5 minutes. The app’s main news feed is currently logarithmic, meaning you’ll see a lot of posts from strangers. Mark Zuckerberg replied that users will still be able to see a news feed with posts only from friends, but it is not known whether it will be chronological.

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