Popular image editor Picsart has launched an AI-powered animated GIF generator. This is reported by Engadget.

The main difference between previous text-to-image platforms like DALL-E and the new Picsart tool is animation. DALL-E is known for creating static images, while the Picsart software creates animated GIFs similar to those that users send in group chats and social media.

Dancing Terminator

Picsart calls this tool its “craziest” platform yet. It’s integrated into the regular Picsart app and is available for iOS, Android, and the web.

You can download the finished GIF to your device to share it in a group chat or send it anywhere. Images created on the platform have a cartoonish look, so don’t expect photorealism. However, this only adds to the fun.

Dancing cat

As you know, recently the world has been paying more and more attention to the development of tools based on artificial intelligence. In some places, this simplifies work processes, but also worries a considerable number of people due to potential unemployment.

Nevertheless, AI is becoming a significant part of users’ lives. For example, celebrities increasingly turn to artificial intelligence to create digital copies of themselves for use in marketing campaigns. This approach gives them more control over their appearance and more flexibility in the deals they can make.