Two authors sued OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, for allegedly using their artwork for the machine learning that underpins the chatbot’s artificial intelligence. This is reported by CNET citing Reuters.

The copyright infringement lawsuit was filed in San Francisco federal court on behalf of science fiction and horror author Paul Tremblay and novelist Mona Awad. Since ChatGPT can provide a summary of their works, it makes sense that they were used in the machine learning models used by ChatGPT.

The lawsuit, which claims class-action status, accuses OpenAI of training ChatGPT on the works “without consent, without credit and without compensation” to the authors.

We will remind that recently the California law firm Clarkson also filed a collective lawsuit against OpenAI, alleging that the company massively violated copyrights and people’s privacy when it used data from the Internet to train its technology.

The lawsuit seeks to test a new legal theory that OpenAI violated the rights of millions of Internet users by exploiting their social media comments, blog entries, Wikipedia articles, and more.