Streaming service Spotify is considering adding full-length music videos to its app. This is reported by Engadget with a link to Bloomberg.

According to sources, the company is negotiating with potential partners. But it is still unclear who will support this function and when it may appear. Currently, Spotify video is limited to podcasts, 30-second story clips, and 10-second GIFs that loop while listening to a specific song.

In March, the media giant launched a home feed similar to TikTok, but designed more for finding music and podcasts than watching videos.

This concept is not new to music streaming services. For example, Apple Music has had music videos for years. But the addition of Spotify will help it match Apple and could attract an audience that would otherwise watch videos on YouTube.

It will also add content to the new feed and help Spotify attract music-minded viewers from social networks like Instagram and TikTok.

We remind you that recently Spotify officially announced about redesigning your desktop application. This should make it easier to access information about the song or podcast the user is listening to.