Ferrari cars have been the embodiment of the “dream car” for many fans since the beginning, and if we talk about limited series Ferraris, then in general… Whoah!

Ferrari recently presented a very special limited edition car. This is the Ferrari SF90 XX model: a more extreme, powerful, exclusive version of the already flagship Ferrari SF90 model. Moreover, the new Ferrari SF90 XX debuted in two types at once – in the form of a closed coupe Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and in the version with an open body Ferrari SF90 XX Spider.

And the novelty is the first XX-series car that has access to public roads. After all, before, cars with the designation XX were usually prepared only for the track. Although even in the case of the Ferrari SF90 XX, this orientation was preserved.

Just look at the huge rear wing, spoilers, additional air ducts – it immediately becomes clear that aerodynamics was one of the key priorities in the development of the new Ferrari SF90 XX cars. After all, it also resulted in an improvement in downforce: 325 kg was added to the front axle and 315 kg to the rear axle – and this should have a positive effect on the level of grip and cornering speed.

It is worth noting that the Ferrari SF90 XX Spider car has its own aerodynamics with slight differences. Although the overall concept remains the same: more downforce! And the Ferrari SF90 XX Spider has an aluminum roof that can be deployed in 14 seconds. However, significant changes to the open body and additional amplifiers led to an increase in weight: if the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale weighs 1,560 kg, the Ferrari SF90 XX Spider already weighs 1,660 kg.

But let’s be realistic: in the presence of a 1030-horsepower (+30 hp compared to the Ferrari SF90) hybrid 4-liter V8 engine with three electric motors – these all are little things! After all, any version of the Ferrari SF90 XX is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 2.3 seconds and reaching 0-200 km/h in 6.5-6.7 seconds. The maximum speed of any of the two variants reaches 320 km/h.

The answer to such speed indicators is not only aerodynamics, but also more powerful brakes: new parts with improved friction properties are installed at the front, and the diameter of the brake discs has also increased at the rear. In addition, Ferrari SF90 XX cars are distinguished by modified interiors and numerous carbon parts.

It is planned to produce 799 copies of the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and 599 units of the Ferrari SF90 XX Spider. However, you do not even have to look under the mattress to count the money – probably all these cars are already listed among potential customers. But you still want to dream!