Nintendo’s online infrastructure has always caused complaints from players due to a significant lag behind competitors’ platforms – in particular, it concerns the inability to transfer user data from an old console to a new one.

Fortunately, things will change for the better in the future: at last week’s auction meeting, Nintendo President and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa promised that the company “will make every effort to ensure that players can seamlessly transfer their Nintendo Account from Switch to the next-gen console.”

Of course, Nintendo isn’t saying anything about the next console, which hasn’t even been announced yet, so these words are just tentative promises that should be taken accordingly. However, supporters of the Nintendo ecosystem are already hoping that, among other things, this will mean keeping the games purchased for the Switch and transferring them to the next console – remember, it was impossible to transfer Wii U games to the Switch, unlike the platforms of Sony and Microsoft, where the games of the previous generation usually work on the next one.

We should also note that regular changes in the design of controllers also create backwards compatibility obstacles on Nintendo consoles — so we can very cautiously hope that the next console will not be too different from the Switch in this sense.