The Toyota company has just released the first information about the new Toyota C-HR crossover of the second generation. We will remind you that the Toyota C-HR car once appeared as a combination of the worlds of “coupe” and “SUV”. And the novelty imitates this style.

First of all, it is worth noting the dynamic profile of the roof and the line of windows, which really resemble a coupe. Also, large wheels work for a sense of dynamics – the maximum for the novelty will be 20-inch wheel rims! It is also worth noting the Toyota Prius-like headlights and numerous sharp corners – this is already reminiscent of the bZ4X model. Finally, pay attention to the model designation in the combination of lights.

Will the technique support hints of a dynamic style? The Toyota C-HR crossover will be offered with four different engine/transmission options – but all of them will be hybrids. The standard 1.8-liter 140-horsepower HEV-hybrid with front-wheel drive opens the range. A 2-liter HEV-hybrid (198 hp) will also be offered with front or all-wheel drive – with an additional electric motor for the rear wheels.

And the place at the top of the Toyota C-HR line should be occupied by a PHEV-hybrid with a 2-liter gasoline engine and a powerful electric motor – in total, they will produce 223 hp and will provide acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 7.4 seconds. In addition, such a PHEV-hybrid should drive up to 66 km on an electric drive.

It is interesting that with the change of generation, the car will not become bigger, but on the contrary – smaller: the total length is 4.36 meters. However, the wheelbase remained at the level of 2.64 meters, which promises the preservation of a certain space in the interior.

By the way, in the interior, you can see a 12.3-inch display in the instrument cluster (for all car configurations), and an 8- or 12-inch touch display will also be installed in the center of the front panel (depending on the configuration). In addition, it is already known about a wide list of auxiliary control systems for the new Toyota C-HR.

Toyota C-HR car production will start in Turkey soon. Sales of new products should begin before the end of the current year.