Texas-based AST SpaceMobile has successfully transmitted a 4G signal from its giant BlueWalker 3 satellite to ordinary smartphones on Earth. This is reported by Gizmodo.

In June, engineers conducted a series of tests of the satellite, transmitting data at download speeds of more than 10 Mbps from space to cellphones in Hawaii. The test was conducted in the frequency range of the American operator AT&T. Nokia RAN communication technology was also used. AST SpaceMobile is currently preparing to test the satellite at 5G speeds.

“Achieving this milestone from an unmodified, standard cell phone on the ground connecting through our low Earth orbit satellite is another groundbreaking moment in telecommunications history,” Abel Avellan, chairman and CEO of AST SpaceMobile, said in the company’s statement.

Lynk Global has previously deployed three satellites to deliver services from space directly to mobile phones on Earth. This is a new technology, and the US Federal Communications Commission is currently developing a mechanism by which companies will be able to provide satellite communications directly to mobile phones.