Microsoft, which, as we already know, “lost console wars” of this generation, expects the next generation of game consoles to appear no earlier than 2028. This became known from the documents made public during the hearing of Microsoft appeal to FTC to Block Activision Blizzard‘s acquisition deal. This is reported by IGN.

In the leaked documents, Microsoft discussed a 10-year commitment to Sony to release Call of Duty games on PlayStation platforms if the deal goes through.

“This term would in any case go beyond the expected starting period of the next generation of consoles (in 2028),” Microsoft said. “Thus, Call of Duty will be published on successor PlayStation consoles should one be released during the term of the agreement. The agreement also would ensure that Call of Duty console games are offered on PlayStation at parity with Xbox.”

The 2028 date for the generational change does not coincide with a previous document from Sony, in which the company said that it does not expect the next-generation PlayStation to be released until at least 2027. In this document, published in November 2022, Sony stated that it expects to lose access to Call of Duty games in 2027. Sony then said that by the time it “launched the next generation of its PlayStation console… it would have lost access to Call of Duty and other Activision titles”. Microsoft’s filing today counters this suggestion.

In general, 8 years is a little more than the usual intervals between the release of previous generations of consoles. PlayStation 2 came 6 years after PlayStation, PS3 6 years after PS2. There were 7 years between PS3 and PS4 and PS4 and PS5. As for Microsoft, only 4 years have passed between Xbox and Xbox 360, 8 years between Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and 7 years between Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

What does this mean for PC gamers? If you make a significant computer upgrade right now, you can forget about it for at least 5 years.