Turn-based tactical strategy Xenonauts 2, the sequel to 2014 game of the same name and spiritual successor to the original X-COM: UFO Defense (1994) has been given a release date.

The game will be released on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG as early as July 18, 2023.

Xenonauts 2 was announced back in February 2016, and after 7.5 years of development, it will finally reach gamers. I wonder how it will be received, because the first part, which received very favorable reviews at the time, is now criticized by players for poor graphics, outdated interface, AI problems, bugs and more. Given that Xenonauts 2 took a lot from the first game, the reaction to the release can be anything.

We remind that in the Xenonauts series of games, as in the original X-COM and modern XCOM, you have to lead a secret organization that opposes alien invaders. Conduct research, build a base, send planes to intercept UFOs, lead fighters during field operations.

During one of the previous Steam Next Fest the game had a demo version that did not forgive the player even small mistakes. Unfortunately, there is currently no Xenonauts 2 demo on Steam.