After the release, Diablo IV already managed to get several small patches and hotfixes, but recently it turned out that Blizzard is now preparing a “real” big patch – the company said this during the Diablo IV Campfire Chat stream.

During the broadcast, the developers mentioned that the patch will be so significant that its implementation will most likely require the servers to be down for the duration of the game’s maintenance, and the physical copy of the document with the changes already planned for this patch is currently 13 pages long.

Blizzard promises to deal with sudden deaths of heroes in hardcore mode; in addition, the Scroll of Escape, which is used by hardcore players to teleport to a safe zone, will be able to automatically save heroes in the event of a disconnection.

Another innovation is that special symbols for accessing Nightmare Dungeons will be able to teleport players to these dungeons, so there will be no need to travel the world to get there for a “dungeon run” – plus players will receive more XP for them.

Among other changes that are already known: inventory gems will finally be moved from the items tab to materials, the limit on the number of resources will be increased and, of course, the next tweaks to the character balance are expected.

According to the developer, the company hopes to release the patch before the start of the first season, which starts in mid-July.