The Renault company presented its new car, which according to all indicators is one of the flagships of the model range. It is a coupe-like Renault Rafale crossover, named after the plane that once set speed records.

Accordingly, hints of speed and aerodynamics should have been “default”. That’s how it is – just look at the body profile of the Renault Rafale, the dynamic tilt of the rear window, narrow “frown” headlights, and large wheels.

From the outside, the coupe-crossover style is maintained perfectly! And also inside: the Renault Rafale car stands out with sports seats with advanced lateral support and signature blue trim. In addition, you can find the letter logo “A” (from Alpine) with a backlight and a pair of high-quality displays with a diagonal of 12 and 12.3 inches.

However, can equipment live up to these hints? And this is where the most interesting thing begins: the Renault Rafale crossover is built on the CMF-CD platform and has quite familiar dimensions – for example, a 4.71-meter length and 2.74-meter wheelbase. But then everything else is completely unusual!

First, from the beginning, the Renault Rafale crossover will receive a hybrid power unit built based on a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor. The total power will be 200 hp, the drive will be on the front wheels through a complex automated gearbox without clutches.

Secondly, the next version of the Renault Rafale will again be a hybrid, but already with 300 horsepower. After all, an electric motor on the second axle is added to the above-mentioned equipment – to drive the rear wheels. Thus, this car will receive not only an increase in power but also four-wheel drive. And even more – the 4CONTROL Advanced full control system, which makes it possible to turn the rear wheels.

It is already known that sales of the Renault Rafale in the 200-horsepower version will start in the spring of 2024. However, the 300-horsepower version with all-wheel drive will come later. But fans of Renault and aviation will surely wait for such an impressive “gift”.