The National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) sued Twitter on behalf of 17 music publishers representing the biggest artists in the business. This is written by The Verge.

The lawsuit was filed in the federal state of Tennessee. It states that the company fuels its business by illegally copying musical compositions, infringing the rights of publishers and others under copyright law.

The lawsuit lists approximately 1,700 songs. According to the publishers, the tracks were included in numerous copyright infringement notices sent to Twitter. However, the company did nothing. Now, in court proceedings, she is being asked to be fined up to $150,000 for each violation. So the total fine may exceed $250 million.

Most of the violations reported to Twitter involved music videos, videos of live music performances, or other videos synced to copyrighted music. NMPA accuses the social network of using these videos to increase its value by increasing the time people spend on the website.

Earlier it was reported that Twitter refused to pay bills for using the cloud service Google Cloud because the contract between the companies expires this month. Refusal to pay for services can negatively affect the trust and security teams of a social network.