In general, this is news about the Nissan Sentra car for the United States – but we all know very well how popular “cars from America” have recently become in the Ukrainian market. Also, looking at the updated Nissan Sentra car now, its mass appearance in Ukraine is not excluded. So what’s new?

The Nissan Sentra car in its current form has been produced for about three years – therefore, a radical change in generation and body is still a long way off. But the time has come to update the small details.

For example, a new front bumper appeared, the shape of the radiator grillу was changed, and other options of 16- or 18-inch wheels were added (depending on the configuration). By the way, about the equipment: from now on, the “heated” version of the Nissan Sentra SR received a changed rear bumper – it has a new lower part, an insert that imitates a diffuser.

But there are almost no technical changes. A 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of about 150 hp is installed under the hood of the Nissan Sentra, which is paired with a stepless variator and front-wheel drive. In fact, all the technical changes are the addition of the “stop/start” system and the use of the updated XTronic CVT variator.

There are also few differences in the interior, but they depend on the configuration. The aforementioned sporty version of the Nissan Sentra SR received heated seats (with red stitching, by the way) as standard equipment, and the Nissan Sentra SV version offers a 360-degree all-round view and BOSE audio.

Sales of the updated Nissan Sentra car on the US market will begin by the end of summer this year. And now place your bets – when will the updated sedan Nissan Sentra appear in Ukraine?