Towerborne, an unusual action/RPG from the creators of The Banner Saga

During the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, the unusual cooperative action/RPG Towerborne was announced. This game is interesting if only because it is developed by Stoic studio, the authors of three parts of the impressive RPG/strategy The Banner Saga.

Towerborne is a scrolling 2D action/RPG set in a world where evil has taken over the land and people must live in a huge bell tower. The game combines step-by-step exploration of the world on a hexagonal map and combat in the beat ’em up style. In addition to cooperative, the game seems to have a single-player mode, and the game world itself will change over time and during seasonal events.

Unlike The Banner Saga, which was completely 2D, Towerborne has true 3D, even in 2D combat. But with cel-shading, which makes the picture a bit cartoonish.

Towerborne is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC sometime in 2024. And of course, immediately in Xbox Game Pass. By the way, the game already has a Steam page.