Last night in the USA (it was already late night for Ukraine) was marked by a double debut for Lexus – the new generation Lexus GX SUV and the large 3-row crossover Lexus TX, which customers have been waiting for so long, were presented. What did each of the cars bring? What did they excel at? I’ll tell you now!

Lexus GX SUV: a real “genre classic” in a modern version

Just look at this brutal design with many straight lines and sharp corners! The new Lexus GX SUV instantly erased all ties and fitness centers of the past 10-20 years – and loudly called its predecessors: not only the Lexus LX450 but even the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 can be mentioned here!

The new 5-meter-long Lexus GX SUV has not only increased in size and brutality but also in technology. The car is built on the GA-F platform and is equipped with a 3.4 V6 gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 354 hp. – despite the reduction of cylinders and working volume, the return was much greater than that of the previous “eight”. A 10-speed automatic Direct Shift transmission has also appeared, so you should expect a significant improvement in both dynamics and fuel economy.

But the most important thing is that the Lexus GX retained permanent all-wheel drive with a Torsen center differential and the ability to activate a reduced transmission range. Plus a bunch of off-road assistants (and even more safety systems), plus the AVS suspension adjustment system, plus the latest EPS electric power steering…

Plus new equipment, among which the Overtail versions stand out. This is a simultaneous combination of 18-inch wheels with All Terrain tires, exclusive 2-color body painting, and original interior decoration options.

By the way, about the interior. It’s all as you’d expect from a Lexus: a variety of leather seat options, a modern 12.3-inch instrument panel, and a 14-inch central display, plus the retention of numerous mechanical switches – otherwise Lexus GX buyers will be unhappy…

The Lexus GX will be able to offer up to seven seats. But if you don’t need the maximum number of seats, but maximum comfort, then the Lexus GX will be able to offer separate “captain’s chairs” on the second row of seats.

Very good! However, all this will have to wait, let the production of Lexus GX begin soon (in Japan, by the way), but the start of sales of the new product is planned only for the beginning of 2024.

Lexus TX crossover: space and comfort for a large family

The Lexus TX 550h+ large crossover is coming to North America – and it will be the company’s first PHEV hybrid produced in North America. And in general, the Lexus TX car was created for North America. It is clear: a large crossover (5.16 m) with the obligatory three rows of seats.

Moreover, these seats can be installed according to the “2+3+2” or “2+2+2” formula: that is, an option with two “captain’s” chairs is provided – and these will have not only heating but also ventilation. And a separate “climate” zone for rear passengers, many windshields and charging ports, a digital instrument panel, and a 14-inch central display is also expected.

Technically, the Lexus TX car is not an SUV, but a typical crossover: GA-K platform and supporting body, transversely mounted engines. But if a hybrid version is still expected in our dreams and desires for the Lexus GX, two hybrids out of three possible versions of the car have already been announced for the Lexus TX!

The Lexus TX 350 opens the range: it is a gasoline 4-cylinder engine with a working volume of 2.4 liters and a capacity of 279 hp, which works in a pair with an 8-speed automatic and front or all-wheel drive. One step higher is the Lexus TX 500h hybrid crossover: a similar 2.4-liter gasoline engine plus an electric motor, total power of 321 hp, four-wheel drive. And the top of the line is the already mentioned Lexus TX 550h+: a hybrid with the possibility of recharging and overcoming up to 53 km on an electric drive, the V6 gasoline engine paired with an electric motor produces a total of 412 hp.

Among the other “curiosities” of the new Lexus TX, it is worth noting the F Sport Performance package and the rear wheel control system: they can turn in the same direction or in the opposite direction as the front wheels, depending on the speed of the vehicle. However, it is hardly worth looking for a “real sports car” in the Lexus TX – after all, we have a large family crossover for which three rows of seats, a panorama and Mark Levinson audio are much more important.

However, there is no doubt that in the end each of the cars will find many buyers. And all simply because it is a Lexus.