Finally, the Volkswagen company presented in the United States its electric van Volkswagen ID.Buzz, which has been sold in Europe for a long time. However, the delay was justified because for the American market, a separate version of the electric car was prepared, which is noticeably different in all parameters: larger size and number of seats in the interior, more battery and power.

Visually, the changes are barely noticeable, but in fact, the Volkswagen ID.Buzz for the US market has become longer by 17.5 cm. Now the total length reaches 4.89 meters. In addition, the electric car received a 3.24-meter wheelbase: the latter generally increased by 25 cm compared to the already-known European versions of the model.

The increase in dimensions made it possible to install an enlarged battery of 91 kWh; however, the power reserve has not yet been declared. In addition, the American version of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz received a more powerful electric motor – from now on, the rear wheels are turned by the 210 kW or 286 hp АPP550 electric motor. An all-wheel-drive version is also possible: then another electric motor will be added to drive the front wheels, and the total power should reach 330-335 hp.

Finally, the increase in dimensions also affected the interior of the electric car: from now on, it became 3-row! If the front part of the interior of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz has not changed at all – we already have a well-known design and two displays, only new trim options have been added – then the rear part is significantly different.

First, there are possible seat configurations “2-3-2” or “2-2-2”. That is, the second row of seats will be made in the form of a sofa or will consist of separate captain’s chairs. Secondly, the middle seats can be moved in a range of 200 mm for flexible space adjustment. And the third: in the back part of the cabin there are a couple more seats with the possibility of folding them.

However, all this will have to wait. Sales of the electric car on the US market are planned to begin only in 2024, and even then with the designation of versions as the 2025 model year – that is, it will take place in the second half of 2024. Prices and range indicators should appear closer to that time. And probably, by that time, similar versions of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric car will be offered in Europe as well: increased length and battery, various variations of the 3-row interior, and a more powerful electric motor. We are waiting!