Google Wallet users will soon be able to add new types of documents and cards to their wallet. In particular, residents of the American state of Maryland will be the first to have the opportunity to add their ID card or driver’s license. Owners of Android smartphones running Android 8.0 (or a newer version of the OS) and with device locking enabled will be able to do this. Residents of the states of Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia will receive this functionality next.

The update will also bring the ability to add a digital version of any card or boarding pass that has a barcode or QR code, such as a gym club card. To do this, it will be enough to scan it in the application. Previously, this required a third-party developer to add integration with Google Wallet.

Google Wallet now supports ID documents and various club cards

It will also be easier for users to check in at the airport or railway station from now on. Travelers using RCS-enabled Google Messages will be able to receive tickets and boarding passes directly in the app, then save them to Google Wallet. Vietnam Airlines and Renfe will be the first companies to support this functionality.

Google Wallet now supports ID documents and various club cards

In addition, Google is working with the insurance company Humana to develop a digital version of the health insurance card. It will allow Humana customers to access insurance information directly in the Wallet application. UK residents will be able to save their social security number to their wallet from the HMRC app. These documents have additional security compared to boarding passes or other cards and require users to verify their identity each time using biometrics or a PIN.

German users will be able to store a Deutschlandticket – a monthly pass that can be used in all types of public transport – in Google Wallet. Google also plans to add support for corporate badges so workers can display them digitally.

The new features should be available to Google Wallet users soon.