British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed that he will discuss artificial intelligence and the risks it poses when he meets US President Joe Biden in Washington next week. This was reported by Politico.

“People will be concerned by the reports that AI poses an existential risk like pandemics or nuclear wars — I want them to be reassured that the government is looking very carefully at this,” said the British prime minister.

According to him, the role of Great Britain can be leading.

“…because ultimately, we’re only going to grapple with this problem and solve it if we work together not just with the companies, but with countries around the world,” added Rishi Sunak.

According to the White House, during the upcoming meeting it is also planned to discuss the war in Ukraine, energy and climate change, trade and Northern Ireland.

Earlier, a group of IT leaders warned that the artificial intelligence technology they are creating may one day pose a threat to the existence of humanity and should be considered a social risk on a par with pandemics and nuclear wars.

More than 350 managers, researchers and engineers working in the field of artificial intelligence signed the relevant open letter. Among the signatories are OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis and Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei.