The compact hatchback Toyota Yaris received a small portion of updates in the versions for the European market. It is difficult to recognize such a car from the outside – only new wheels (and those only for the maximum configurations), several “fresh” body colors, plus a plate with the designation “130” on company photos. However, these numbers are very important…

After all, from now on, the Toyota Yaris hatchback has received a new hybrid version with a capacity of 130 hp, which together are produced by the already well-known 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a new electric motor. Such a 130-horsepower hybrid will be a great addition to the image of the “heated” version of the Toyota Yaris GR Sport (the white car in the photos above), but this hybrid is also available for regular versions of the Toyota Yaris. In addition, there is an option with a 116-horsepower hybrid and conventional gasoline 1.0- and 1.5-liter engines that have been available in Europe since the launch of the model.

In addition to the appearance of a powerful hybrid version, it is also worth noting the updated interior. From now on, the maximum configuration of the Toyota Yaris model will receive a digital instrument panel with a 7- or 12.3-inch display. And a 9- or even 10.5-inch touchscreen is installed on the front panel with voice control and over-the-air updates.

Sales of new cars on the European market will start in the summer. It is worth noting that Ukraine received a Toyota Yaris car with similar European specifications – we expect similar updates for the cars that will be delivered to us.