The US Marine Corps for the first time demonstrated its own attack drone – LRUSV (Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessel). This is reported by Militarnyi with reference to U.S. Department of Defense Visual Information Distribution Service.

LRUSV is an autonomous vessel developed by Metal Shark Boats, which has long supplied patrol boats of the US Coast Guard and the fleets of some other countries. There are already Metal Shark boats in the fleet of Ukraine. Metal Shark has been developing autonomous vessels for some time, so they were entrusted with the development of the LRUSV.

LRUSV – an attack drone of the US Marine Corps

In the released photos, you can see that the marine drone is armed with Uvision Hero-120 barrage ammunition. But primarily, LRUSV will serve as a means of surveillance and reconnaissance.

Hero-120 kamikaze drones can stay in the air for an hour and move 60 km away from the starting point. The cumulative warhead weighs 4.5 kg. In addition, the Hero-120 can perform surveillance and reconnaissance functions and return to the operator for reuse. The range and battery life of the LRUSV have not yet been announced.