A really big and significant event for Apple will take place next week. The traditional conference for developers WWDC 2023 should be opened by a presentation that will focus on new laptops, operating systems that should be released later this year, and the “highlight” of the event will be a mixed reality headset (Reality Pro).

While some of this information has already been reported before, Mr. Ross Young’s summary adds more details about what we can expect from the new device’s displays. 

They will be equipped with Micro OLED technology, and the diagonal of the screens will be 1.41 inches. At the same time, the resolution will allow you to reach a stunning 4,000 pixels per inch. In addition, such displays will be able to provide illumination at the level of 5,000 nits.

Of course, to create the desired effect of virtual reality, the Apple headset will be equipped with two such panels. Accordingly, industry insiders estimate the cost of such a headset to be around $3,000, well above the $349 to $999 price range of Meta’s Quest 2 and Quest Pro competitors. It is also expected that Apple will surpass other technical capabilities of its rivals.

Currently, one of the key advantages of the headset from Apple should be access to a number of services, including TV+ and Fitness, as well as a huge library of applications in the App Store. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the headset is expected to run any iPad app seamlessly. While further optimization will no doubt continue, access to the App Store library after launch will give Apple a significant head start in the mixed reality space.