The Arm company announced an update of processors and graphics with Cortex-X4. Traditionally, such upgrades promise increased power and reduced energy consumption. Now new processors will get rid of 32-bit support.

So, X4 should increase the performance of flagship devices by 15% compared to last year’s solutions. The cache of the second level will increase by 2 MB, and the clock frequency of the processors should reach 3.4 GHz.

The new Arm Cortex-X4 debuts in MediaTek processors

The simpler versions of the Cortex-A720 and A520 will also add some performance, while reducing “fuel consumption” by 20 and 22% respectively.

The new Arm Cortex-X4 debuts in MediaTek processors

With such an update, it is possible to combine 14-core processors, but for smartphones they will still remain in a smaller configuration — 1+5+2.

The Immortalis video accelerators have also been updated and will offer up to 15% performance boosts, with just as much better energy efficiency. The improvement of ray tracing technology is also noted separately.

Chips with Cortex-X4 can be seen as soon as this year, and MediaTek processors should be the first to come out with them. Manufacturing partners include Intel, Samsung and TSMC.