There will not be a single word about technology. All because in the case of the BMW Touring Coupe Concept concept car, the most important thing is its appearance. After all, this concept shows us such a rare type of body as the Shooting Brake: a short “station wagon” with an almost vertical rear part.

The BMW Touring Coupe Concept car is based on the BMW Z4, and there is a certain symbolism in this: about 25 years ago, the world first saw the BMW Z3 Coupe, which had a similar body and was produced for almost five years. However, the BMW Touring Coupe Concept is not about serial production, but about a single instance created specifically for the competition of elegance.

Therefore, in addition to changing the body in general, there was a place for new wheels (20-inch front and 21-inch rear) and a radiator grille with numerous vertical lines, painted in the color of “golden copper”. And inside the BMW Touring Coupe Concept, there is a place for refined leather in dark cream color and for a separate trunk. For which, by the way, special bags were created.

Currently, the car has the status of a concept. But everything can change if there is a large number of interested people. So tell us your impression – interesting design or incomprehensible “whatever”?