New York Public Schools will encourage and support teachers and students who are studying and researching artificial intelligence technology. A repository and community will also be created here to share their findings in schools. This was written by New York Public Schools Chancellor David Banks for Chalkbeat.

“Furthermore, we are providing educators with resources and real-life examples of successful AI implementation in schools to improve administrative tasks, communication, and teaching. We will also offer a toolkit of resources for educators to use as they initiate discussions and lessons about AI in their classrooms,” he noted.

At the same time, David Banks reported gathering information from experts in the field of AI to further help schools use the relevant tools effectively.

“… we encourage all schools to engage students in activities exploring how artificial intelligence has already impacted their lives and the broader issues it presents to our society,” emphasized the chancellor of the New York Public Schools.

He is convinced that the United States is on the threshold of significant social changes caused by generative artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a fair distribution of the benefits of this technology in order to prevent the further increase of socio-economic gaps in the country.

“We will educate our students about the significant ethical concerns that many leaders in tech and government are contemplating, which both educators and students are already discussing in their classes. However, we will also ensure our students are supported by AI’s opportunities and prepared for the jobs of today and the future,” emphasized David Banks.

He gave the example of a high school in Queens, where kids are already discussing ethical issues surrounding AI prejudice. Local students also participate in teacher-led activities to explore the potential of AI, such as asking ChatGPT questions and exploring the accuracy of its answers. And teachers at this high school are experimenting with artificial intelligence to create personalized lesson plans and assessments.

We will remind you that there is currently a large number of studies on the potential impact of AI. According to the results of some of them, artificial intelligence is able to change users’ beliefs without their knowledge.