Recently, Baojun Yep was presented. This is a small electric car from China, made in the style of real SUVs. However, in fact, the body here is load-bearing, the ground clearance is 150 mm, and the drive is only rear. And the power of the electric motor is not very high: only 50 kW or 68 “horses”.

But the Baojun Yep electric car makes a good impression, even considering its miniature dimensions – a total length of 3.38 meters and a 2.11-meter wheelbase. Moreover, in these meters it was possible to place not only a 4-seater interior, but also an LFP-accumulator, which should be enough for a power reserve of 303 km.

In addition, it was possible to place even an external display behind! Instead of a spare wheel, an ordinary niche or a color monitor displaying any image can be installed on the trunk lid.

If the launch of the Baojun Yep electric car is successful, the company is already planning a possible expansion of the model range. For example, in the form of a pickup on the Baojun Yep chassis: only a 2-seater interior, but there will be a body and a real spare wheel.

Only the live market will give an answer to the question of the success of the Baojun Yep novelty. However, this question remains open, because even taking into account the small size and Chinese production, the Baojun Yep electric car will not be cheap – the estimated initial cost will start from about $14,000.