Steam’s Dead Space remake has a trial version — now the game can be played for free for 90 minutes. You don’t need to buy the game for this — it is available for download as a regular demo version. But unlike the demo, Dead Space — Free Trial offers a full version of the game, and it depends only on the player how far they can go through the story in the allotted hour and a half.

The design style of the Free Trial block on the game page made the gaming community speculate whether this means that Valve is launching a new functionality in Steam — free trial versions of games, and almost all English-language gaming sites wrote about this.

The new Dead Space can be played for free for 90 minutes

At the moment, Valve has not commented on the appearance of the trial version of the Dead Space remake, so it is not yet known whether this is really a new service on Steam or just an initiative by EA, which is currently conducting Steam sale, and the same Dead Space is offered at a 20% discount until May 29.

And which option seems more convenient to you — such 90-minute trial versions or as it is now, when there is an opportunity to return money if the game has been played for less than 2 hours?