Tesla has released new footage of its Tesla Bots in what appears to be a production-ready chassis. In the video, they slowly move forward without the stumbling that viewers saw during the first screening. This is reported by The Verge.

Obviously, robots can do other things like pick up objects and recognize objects. Elon Musk showed a new video during the shareholders’ meeting. The video showcases some of the project’s specific updates, including motor torque control, environmental recognition and memory, AI training based on tracked human movements, and object manipulation. For example, in the video, the Tesla Bot takes items from the table and places them in containers.

The company is expected to start production of the Tesla Bot after it releases its first long-awaited Cybertrucks.

We will remind that Tesla Bot is being developed as a humanoid robot. It was presented for the first time last year at the AI Day event. At the time, Tesla only showed a reconstructed version of the bot, which could barely move forward. So the current robots are a significant advance because they can move and perform other manipulations on their own.