Blizzard has officially canceled the much-anticipated PvE Hero mode for Overwatch 2, but apparently some PvE will still be in the game. This is reported by IGN with a link to Blizzard’s Twitch stream.

During the broadcast, Overwatch 2 executive producer Jared Neuss explained the decision to cancel PvE this way:

“Development on the PvE experience has not really hasn’t made the progress that we have hoped. The team has created a bunch of amazing content so there’s awesome missions that are really exciting. There’s brand new enemies that are super fun to fight and some truly great and ridiculous hero talents. But unfortunately, the effort required to pull all of that together into a Blizzard-quality experience that we can ship to you is huge, and there really is no end in sight or defined kind of end date where we can put that out into the world.

And so we are left with another difficult choice. Do we continue to pour all that effort into PvE, hoping we can land it at some point in the future or do we stick with this set of values that we have aligned on and focus on the live game and focus on serving all of you? With everything we have learned about what it takes to operate this game at the level that you deserve, it’s clear that we can’t deliver on that original vision for PvE that was shown in 2019. What that means is that we won’t be delivering that dedicated hero mode with talent trees, that long-term talent power progression. Those things are just not in our plans anymore. And we know that this is going to be disappointing to many of you which is why we wanted to bring it up before we talk about the road map. And to be perfectly honest it’s been really difficult for many of us and a lot of folks on the team that pour their heart and soul into that stuff.”

Overwatch 2 will not have the promised PvE Hero mode

At the same time, some elements of PvE, such as separate and even single-player missions, will remain in Overwatch 2. For example, one of them can be seen as part of Season 6 of the game. But will it replace the PvE Hero mode? Unlikely.

We will remind you that at one time we rated Overwatch 2 extremely negatively, giving it 3/10.