Information about the Tesla Model 3 update is spreading around the world, but so far no one has seen the production version of the electric car. That is why there are more and more design options for the Tesla Model 3 from third-party authors. We will remind that a photo of a possible design of the front part of the Tesla Model 3 once appeared on the Internet. And now we have added rendering images of the rear and interior.

The most noticeable change is, of course, the narrow L-shaped lights that wrap around the trunk lid and rear fenders. The rear bumper is also different, an added spoiler with a carbon coating is added. And in the interior of Tesla Model 3, the most attention is attracted by the changed steering wheel, which received wide spokes with a bunch of installed switches. It seems that this is how you can reduce the number of elements in the interior – move everything to the steering wheel.

In the end, we will get full information about the updated electric car Tesla Model 3 only at its official debut. This may happen by the end of this year.