A few days ago, the photo you see above spread across the network. It appears to be a modified “nose” of the Tesla Model 3 electric car; however, the details are still unclear – whether this is a custom home-made version or a prototype of a future updated version.

After all, test camouflaged copies of the Tesla Model 3 have been noticed several times recently, and in general, the model has been produced for several years and needs to be updated. Also, maybe we are seeing the factory-updated version of the Tesla Model 3: narrow headlights, a changed bumper, and new wheels.

In addition, further expansion of autonomous control functions, small changes in the interior (a new version of the Y-steering wheel may appear), and the introduction of 4680 type batteries are expected. The updated Tesla Model 3 electric car may debut before the end of this year – then we will know all the details.