As part of its AI Test Kitchen test site, Google presented a demo version of MusicLM, a music generator based on artificial intelligence. This tool is available on iOS and on the website, and allows users to turn their musical ideas in text format into real compositions. MusicLM is currently available on a limited basis, users can join the waiting list at this link.

The demo version of MusicLM offers you to formulate your musical ideas and bring them to life with the help of artificial intelligence. Examples of prompts might be “Create an ambient music melody that I can study to,” “Create a soulful jazz song for a dinner party,” or “Create a hypnotic industrial techno sound.”

Google encourages users to be more specific in their descriptions, specifying the type of instrument they want, such as electronic or classical, as well as the desired atmosphere, mood, or emotion. However, requests that mention specific artists or vocals will not be processed by the system.

After entering a request, artificial intelligence generates a piece of music in a few seconds. It provides two versions of the track and you can then download both creations from the drop-down menu. Users are then asked to rate which version is better, which helps improve the MusicLM model.

Google first announced the MusicLM technology behind the model in January. It describes the process of conditional music generation as a hierarchical sequence modeling task capable of generating music at a frequency of 24 kHz.