Garmin is preparing to significantly expand its line of sports watches, as evidenced by a series of leaked images shared by WinFuture. These images show Garmin’s upcoming flagship devices, including the Epix Pro Gen 2, Fenix 7X Pro and Fenix 7 Pro, which are expected to compete with the Apple Watch Ultra.

Pro variant of the premium watch Epix Gen 2 will be available in different case sizes, including 42mm, 47mm and 51mm. This contrasts with the standard Epix Gen 2, which is only sold in one size – 47mm. The Pro version also offers a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal display with multiple color options including white, black and beige.

WinFuture does not provide specific details on the specifications or pricing of these devices. However, early speculation suggests that the 42mm version of the Epix Gen 2 watch could cost around €950 ($1,034), the 47mm for €1,050 ($1,142), and the 52mm for €1,150 ($1,252). It is not yet clear whether the Epix Gen 2 Pro will support eSIM, which means mobile Internet connection. This could significantly distinguish the new models against the background of the Garmin Epix 2.

Garmin also plans to introduce two new models of watches in the Fenix series: Fenix 7X Pro and Fenix 7 Pro. Similar to the existing Fenix 7 watch, the 7 Pro and 7X Pro are expected to feature a solar panel display and sapphire crystal.

Although the exact dimensions of these models have not been specified, they will most likely be available in the same 42mm, 47mm and 51mm variants as the Fenix 6 Pro and Fenix 7 series watches.

The company also plans to release a golf-focused Garmin Approach S70 watch.

Although Garmin has not officially announced the date of the announcement of the new watches, there are speculations that they will appear on the market in the near future, possibly as early as next month.