The Honda ZR-V car first appeared about a year ago – initially it was released for the Chinese and US markets, but it has only now reached Europe. But if the Honda ZR-V crossover replaced the HR-V model in other markets, then in Europe both cars will be sold in parallel – however, the Honda ZR-V will occupy a position half a step higher.

Why? For example, thanks to increased dimensions: the Honda ZR-V crossover offers a 4.57-meter body and a 2.655-meter wheelbase. And it also offers two options for the design of the front part, where the bumper and radiator grille are different – compare these photos and the main one at the beginning of the news.

In addition, in Europe, the Honda ZR-V crossover will be available only as a hybrid based on a 2-liter engine. It is expected that the power of the power unit will be about 184 hp. – while the “younger brother” offers a 1.5-liter 131-horsepower hybrid. However, in general, the range of versions will be reduced: in the USA and China, there is still a turbo engine or a 2-liter naturally aspirated engine, there are versions with all-wheel drive. But for Europe – only hybrid and front-wheel drive.

Also, depending on the sales market, the interior of the car may differ: a digital 7- or 10-inch instrument panel, various configurations of the multimedia system with a 7/9/10-inch display. It seems that a classic solution was chosen for the European market: let the screens be smaller, but there are physical switch bodies for control.

The start of sales of the new Honda ZR-V in Europe should take place in the fall, the exact price will be known closer to that time. However, taking into account the hybrid technology and Honda’s pricing policy in general, the car can cost about 35,000 euros, which is a lot for average Ukrainian buyers. Moreover, not only the cost, but also the name, which causes painful associations, can become an obstacle to the success of the new Honda ZR-V in Ukraine.