Despite the fact that there are not many Wear OS 3 models available on the market, Google has announced an update to the Wear OS 4 system, the release of which is scheduled for this year. The company promises more useful apps for smartwatches, improved battery life and better accessibility thanks to an updated voice dial.

Wear OS 4 will have better integration with the Google Home service – users will have more options for managing smart devices. Workspace, Gmail and Calendar applications will also offer users more functionality. For example, it will be possible to quickly reply to an email in Gmail or update a task in the calendar.

Google announced the Wear OS 4 operating system

Third-party developers should also contribute to the development of the system. WhatsApp for Wear OS will support voice calling, audio messaging and end-to-end encryption. Spotify will offer new Tiles for easier access to your favorite songs and podcasts. Peloton will also add a tile with information about your training streak.

Google announced the Wear OS 4 operating system

In addition, Samsung and Google presented a new format of dials, which makes it easier to create high-quality and energy-efficient watch faces. Another innovation is the ability to backup and restore data for more convenient transfer of settings between devices.

Google does not specify which devices will be the first to receive Wear OS 4, but we can assume that it will be the Galaxy Watch6 and Pixel Watch 2.