The production of the fifth, final season of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things has been suspended due to a strike by the Writers Guild of America. Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer voiced their support for the strike on Twitter, saying that writing doesn’t stop when filming begins, so production won’t be possible until a fair deal is reached.

The Duffer brothers’ decision to support the Writers Guild of America carries significant weight as they have inked a deal with Netflix for their production company Upside Down Pictures, which includes the new Death Note adaptation, the Stranger Things play, and an upcoming sci-fi series The Boroughs.

This is not the only show or movie that experienced delays in production due to strike. However, some shows have resumed production, such as the second seasons of Andor, The Lord of the Rings, and House of the Dragon, but without their respective showrunners and writers.

The delay in the final season of Stranger Things is notable because it is one of Netflix’s biggest shows, if not the biggest, and has a huge following.