How to choose a router for a smart TV, whether you need to buy a new router, and what speed is ideal for watching videos in 4K format – let’s find out together with the experts of the smart TV brand KIVI.

How is TV image quality related to router performance?

Directly. The quality is affected by both the technical specifications of the TV and the features of the router connected to it, and even the integrity of the Internet provider. A modern person is not limited to watching television, because smart TVs are also access to streaming movies, music and sports shows, as well as cloud gaming, which requires a powerful bandwidth of the Internet channel.

How to choose a router for a smart TV. Tips from KIVI experts

For example, for gamers, the speed of the Internet is very important, because at a low speed of 30-60 Mbit/s, heavy games often freeze. Yes, KIVI Smart TVs come with access to Boosteroid’s cloud gaming platform – games don’t need to be downloaded and stored on your device, they’re available in the cloud as long as you have a subscription. The more powerful the bandwidth of the router, the more “heavy” games you will be able to play without any delay in the gameplay.

What speed is needed to watch videos in 4K format?

For Android TV like KIVI 65U750NB, stable 100 Mbps are enough to provide 4K images without lag. But the main thing is the stability of the channel. If the Internet signal disappears, unfortunately, it will not be possible to get pleasant emotions from the movie. The minimum speed required by the TV is 30 Mbit/s, this will ensure a quality signal.

Does the number of gadgets in the house affect the operation of Smart TV?

Yes. If a TV, two laptops, a tablet, several smartphones and smart watches and a couple of other gadgets work in the apartment, then obviously they are all connected to the same router. Ten devices, working together, share the maximum speed of your provider – for example, 100 Mbit/s. So, the TV gets 10 Mbps instead of the required 30 Mbps. What can you do? Increase the speed of your Internet (and therefore, change the service of your provider or look for another).

How to choose a router for a smart TV. Tips from KIVI experts

How to connect the TV to the router?

Two options: cable or Wi-Fi. All KIVI Smart TV devices have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver (especially for the 5G standard) and an Ethernet (LAN) connector.

It is believed that it is better to connect the TV to the router via a cable, then you can get a higher speed and a more stable signal. But the type of connection primarily depends on the layout of the apartment. For example, when the router and TV are located in the same room and near the same wall, it is easy to connect them via a cable. If the router is in another room or hidden, then only wireless communication remains.

Which router to choose for a smart TV?

Modern routers distribute Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. We recommend choosing a 5GHz router if you have a 4K TV because high-quality video takes up a lot of data.

But even if you watch videos of a low quality, we recommend connecting a router that will provide a speed of at least 1 Gbit/s. This will guarantee a perfect picture even when several more devices are connected.

How to choose a router for a smart TV. Tips from KIVI experts

If you don’t have the time and desire to delve into the details, you should contact the experts. KIVI brand consultants working in stores can help choose a router when buying a smart TV and give advice on connecting to the Internet. You can also get advice by calling the hotline number in Ukraine 0 800 606 600 or by visiting the “Support” section on the website

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